Roseanne Cash - Tennessee Flat Top Box

Here's a great tune from a show in Charlestown, RI where I played with the amazing Rosanne Cash.

This song is always a crowd favorite because Rosanne and her dad, country legend Johnny Cash, would perform it together.   I really enjoy playing this song with the great John Leventhal as we get to cut loose and play.  John is a such a great musician!

I'm playing a Mary Kaye Strat and John's playing one of his fleet of telecasters.

Whispering Pines - Studio Cut

This is a very cool version of The Band's Whispering Pines.  It was recorded in the studio with Duke Levine & the Super Sweet Sounds of the Seventies.  We were recording at Chris Rival's studio in North Reading, MA.  

This is a really beautiful arrangement by Duke.  He plays a cool old guitar synth on the melody and I'm playing an early 60's Supro lap steel and my '59 Gibson Country Western. 

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I'm playing the Lap Steel on this track with my good friend Duke Levine and the Super Sweet Sounds of the Seventies.  

This classic Neil Young tune was recorded live at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge MA.

This was a mellow encore that was a great end to the show.  

Jamming on a '64 Strat

I loved this guitar.  Really nice '64 Strat through a Magnatone Twilighter 1x12.  

I was demoing this guitar at The Music Emporium in Arlington, MA. when this was recorded.   

Fantastic guitar!

Swing Blues Improv...

This is an older video of me playing with friend and great bassist Marty Ballou.  

This is an improvised acoustic swing tune we did for my friend Tom Hall. Tom did a project called ImprovLive 365 where he recorded different artists in different mediums for the sake and spirit of improvisation.  He did a different show every day for a year.

This is just sort of what happened...